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Features is a top-notch essay writing service that checks many boxes when it comes to handling and delivering various orders in a timely fashion. A quick look at the site shows a high level of organization coupled with a seamless navigating experience that makes the service one that is worth using. Placing an order is easy, and it is equally comfortable to extract relevant information from the site, which makes it a reliable and dependable college paper writing service.

24/7 Support

One of the hallmarks of any best essay writing service is the availability of support on a 24/7 basis. 24/7 support allows clients to check out the site and access the requisite help whenever they need it. It also makes access to information smooth and seamless and therefore enables faster decision-making on the part of clients. essay writing service is also the best paper writing service you may encounter, and this is because of the nature and quality of the support team. Getting your hands on writing services with adequate and readily available support is a bit difficult. Therefore, there is a need to recognize as well as appreciate services which go out of their way to ensure readily available support for their clients.


When it comes to pricing, offers relatively fair prices on their essay writing services. An important point to note is that the service has a 17% offer for new customers. The pricing terms include $12.99 per page within a 14-day time-frame, and a stricter deadline like say six hours would cost $35.99. The costs involved depend on the time to complete the work – and this is basic economics.

A six-hour-window would require immense efforts starting from getting a writer who will take on the work to the actual writing process. For a nine-page research paper in a seven-day window, the costs stood at $148.95 – which is value for money and very fair by almost all standards.


The site’s Canadian writers make an effort of churning out top-notch work, which makes the service to rank highly. While this may not be the best Canada essay writing service in existence, it is highly important to note that it does an excellent job in coming up with papers that are of high quality.

A scan of some previous works done by the service showed that the writers behind their service know their stuff. The papers were well-written, concise, and appropriately covered the subject matter. Those papers would satisfy any other student if they were to submit it to their professor or course instructor.

A look at the site itself, which literally means trust my paper; especially on the customer reviews section, showed clients that appreciated the quality of the work that they received. This goes on to highlight that the service delivers when it comes to quality. While there might be errors in their papers, the errors are minimal such that the top-notch nature of other areas of the content overshadows them.


The services offered by trustmypaper are mainly essay academic-related writing services. While some writing services might be out of the academic scope like resume and CV writing, a significant number of the services offered involve writing academic content.

Visiting the website and clicking on the drop-down menu at the services section brings up a drop-down list of services offered. The fact that the service offers relatively fair prices even makes their services enticing.

Discounts – Yes

Initially, service offers a 17% discount for first-time customers, but the discounts become even better. The discounts come according to the number of pages ordered or the cumulative costs incurred in writing academic content. 15+ pages or over $399.00 of content is eligible to a 5% offer. 100+ pages or over $799.00 of content is eligible for a 15% offer. Whichever way you look at these discounts, they are enticing, and clients stand to gain when they can fall under bands that make them entitled to discounts. On this note, most importantly, who doesn’t like discounts?

Total Rating

This review has a high rating for the service. When it comes to the academic writing front, some key aspects matter like quality, prices, and support – and this is precisely what is good at. The service has high-quality products, and their writers do a good job when it comes to writing academic turnarounds.

On an aggregate basis, you are better off using this service than other academic writing services, since you can be comfortable of solid outcomes at fair prices, and at time-frames that you can dictate as a client.

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