If you are a student asking, “where can I get competent writers to write my essay,” then you might want to check out Studicus’ services. Studicus provides a variety of academic writing services to students in various levels of study starting from high school to doctorate studies.

Since the service offers writing services from a high school service, the site has been optimized to reflect this. The site has a basic layout and organization of content and information, and this makes it simple for clients to navigate the site and get what they need. Most aspects of the site are self-explanatory, and this makes it a service that you might want to rely on – especially if you like straightforward interactions.

24/7 Support

A key aspect of top essay writing services is the availability of constant support that makes it possible for individuals to reach out in a bid to get further information about the services rendered. essay writing service.

The ability to reach out to customer service and get assistance and information on the go makes it easy make decisions in a timely fashion. The site offers channels that make this possible, including live chat sessions as well as a customer support call line. If you are asking, “which service can write my college essay for me,” then you might want to keep reading.

When it comes to customer support, most clients like to engage with a real human being, and Studicus prides itself in its team of skilled individuals in the domain of customer service. There are no automatons or robots that have been installed for customer support services, and you can rest assured that a real human being will attend to your needs whenever you reach out to customer support.

We tested the nature and efficacy of their customer support services, and they were satisfactory. The individuals on the other side of the line responded to most of our queries in an appropriate fashion, signaling the high regard the essay writing service has for potential clients as well as existing clients.


If you are asking, “where can I get a writer to write my essay for me at reasonable prices,” then you might want to work with Studicus. Studicus’ prices start at $4.99 a page in a 14-day time-frame, and this shows how affordable their writing services are. Further analysis of their pricing showed that a 1 page in a 6-hour time-frame cost $30.59, while a 7-page writing task in a 7-day time-frame cost $98.47 for a sophomore.

Whichever way you slice their pricing calculus, Studicus offers reasonable prices that any client would want with regards to academic tasks.


Many students ask, “where can I get a writer to help me write my paper, so it becomes high-quality?” If you are among those students, then you might want to consider Studicus. This paper writing service prides itself in coming up with quality papers, A quick look at essay examples showed that the writers know the expectations of their clients, and they can get the job done as required by the clients.

We did not rely on essay examples in one academic area, as we analyzed papers and essays in other areas of study to establish the consistency levels of the service. We realized that the writers were consistent even in other areas and that they were well up to the task in the various areas that they about.

A look at customer reviews on the site also indicated that the writers and the service, in general, knew what they were doing. Largely, the clients were positive about the quality of the services.


Studicus largely offers essay writing services that are academic in nature, and the footer of the website lists the services offered. Studicus offers a wide variety of services, and when you make an order, even more, specific options and information regarding the services come to light.

Discounts – Yes

New customers to the service are eligible for a 15% offer, and when we made a huge order, there was a discount of the order total that depended on the size of the order. Discounts make the overall pricing attractive, and the discounts at Studicus are attractive enough to rake in more clients by the day.

Total Rating

While Studicus may not be the best essay writing service, it does an impressive job of coming up with quality essays. Writing an essay that is of high quality is not a walk in the park, but it is amazing how Studicus puts in the necessary efforts to come up with top-notch turnarounds.

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