The 33 Most Profitable Business Opportunities in 2022

Check out your area’s zoning laws and your state’s regulations on opening up a child care business in your home. Many local zoning ordinances put a cap on the number of kids you can take care of in a private residence.

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The 33 Most Profitable Business Opportunities in 2022

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Small Business Opportunities

1. Blogging

One of the best small business opportunities is blogging. Blogging is popular because it gives you the opportunity to create many potential sources of income. You could make money from affiliate marketing, ads, information products, physical products, influencer marketing , sponsorships, and gated premium content. It’s even possible to earn passive income by publishing articles upfront and placing ads within the content so that you earn whenever a reader clicks on an advertisement. With so many potential income sources, bloggers focus on creating and marketing their content to build their website traffic . They promote via search engine optimization (SEO) and social media to gain new website visitors.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Small business opportunities, like affiliate marketing , are pretty common. You can become an affiliate of many top brands. An affiliate marketer earns a commission on every sale he brings into a brand. Some brands like Amazon pay a small percentage of sales for every product an affiliate brings in. Other brands like Shopify pay up to $58 for every customer an affiliate brings in. You can build a blog, create posts on social media, or run ads with your affiliate link to generate sales for the brand you’re promoting.

3. App Creation

One of the most popular small business opportunities involves creating apps. You can build entertaining apps, such as addictive games or apps that are useful, such as a to-do list . You’ll need to know programming skills for either iOS or Android to become successful in this field. Of course, you can always outsource your app creation to a developer through a freelance website, but this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars upfront for a unique app. A better alternative is to take online app development courses and learn how to build a mobile app from scratch. To promote your app, you can do media outreach, blogging, and backlink mentions on popular articles.

4. Online Course Creation

Online learning is one of the most significant business opportunities for the coming years. More people are taking to the internet to learn online. The e-learning market is expected to grow to $325 billion by 2025 . You can create online courses in various niches. Whether you create the online courses yourself, hire people to create the courses for you, or let course creators use your platform, you can earn money doing this. It’s a worthwhile opportunity right now because it’s already popular and expected to continue growing.

5. Customer Support

Many companies out there require help in assisting their customers. So why not create a business by opening your own customer support firm? You can offer to handle queries on behalf of a company via chat, email, and phone. Using help desk software will allow you to manage customer interactions from one central location. If a lot of companies show interest in your services, you can hire remote chat specialists to expand your resources. As your business scales, it might even be possible to set up a remote-friendly customer support business where your staff members work from their homes .

Small Business Opportunities

New Business Opportunities

1. Cyber Security (Ethical Hacker)

With most of the world being online, we see a rise in cybercrime. That makes cybersecurity one of the most important business opportunities to consider. The industry is growing more prominent, and it solves one of the biggest online challenges people have today. There’s also ethical hacking which is slightly different but can help prevent cyberattacks or major hacks for big brands. Those who invest in starting a cybersecurity business will likely realize it’s a prominent business opportunity.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the new business opportunities that still hasn’t made waves yet. Some fear that robots will take over the world. But artificial intelligence will be part of our society in some form or another. And who knows, maybe humans will become half robotic in some way. The businesses that explore artificial intelligence will be part of one of the future’s biggest industries. Some are hard at work already, but we’ve yet to see what will be made of artificial intelligence, making this an exciting business opportunity to explore.

3. Cryptocurrency Investor

While cryptocurrency has already proven to be one of the most popular business opportunities, it’s still not at its peak. We’re unsure of how cryptocurrency will continue to evolve and grow. However, cryptocurrency investors may end up winning big if more companies and banks accept cryptocurrency as payment. Of course, there are always risks involved, and you may lose more than anticipated. But all great business opportunities have risks. Just be sure to do your homework first.

4. Automation

One of the new business opportunities you can jump on is automation. We’ve seen automation-focused businesses grow substantially. Whether you’re automating retargeting ads or a repetitive task, the automation tools created can help save people time and money. And that’s why people end up becoming customers. It solves a significant problem. And those are the best business opportunities to go after.

5. 3D Printing

3D printing is another exciting technology that is generating business opportunities left and right. You can buy a few 3D printers (new or second hand, depending on your budget) and offer various services to different companies. One popular service is developing prototypes, where you print a product model so that the client can just test the waters with its features. You can attract small businesses by providing such services since they need to test product quality while keeping costs low. Contrary to popular belief, the price of 3D printers has come down considerably due to an increase in supply from Chinese manufacturers.

New Business Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good business to start with little money?

The best businesses to start with little money are those that don’t require a large inventory or a dedicated space you’ll need to pay for. Businesses you can start with a small upfront investment include online resale, drop shipping, online teaching, virtual assisting, home care and pet sitting, and transcription services.

How do I get a business startup loan?

There are several places you can look for money to start your business. You can start by considering how you can contribute to your own success by using money you have saved away. Friends and family may also be able to help with this. The Small Business Association offers loans for small business owners, and you can also find investors looking for viable startup companies in which to invest. Government grants are also available.

How do I calculate startup costs for a small business?

How do I value a startup business?

To come up with a value for your business, you will need to come up with your earnings after taxes and consider several other factors including tangible assets and intangible assets such as branding. You’ll also factor in the profitability of the business along with any liabilities. If you are in the position of selling your company, a professional valuation is in order where an accountant will ascertain how much money your business is worth. You can help the process by keeping documents such as tax filings, profit and loss statements, and proprietary documents safe and available.


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