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Apapers is an online essay writing service that handles academic tasks on behalf of students at various levels of study. The site has an array of features that at a glance, may convince that the site is the best there is in the field. However, the assessment is incomplete without comprehensively examining the site and looking at various aspects that determine the suitability of a service.

To this end, we placed an order on their website to know the mechanics involved in their process of writing paper. “I want a service where I can get a writer to write my essay,” is what most students ask for whenever they are seeking help. There are various sites on the web that these students turn to, but worth noting is that not all sites offer proper services. To cement the paper that we ordered, we also looked at professional and client reviews on the site. The essay writer who worked on our paper submitted their turnaround, and we looked at it in detail to gauge the efficacy of Apapers.

Apapers review

Quality of Support

While their site indicates that there is 24/7 support, our experience did not lead us to that conclusion. Their online chat system was not efficient, and we had to wait for hours to get a response. This hampered our efforts to order a paper on their site.

Equally, their 24/7 service was not available during the time, and one wondered how potential clients were to navigate during periods of communication outages. The fact that we were unable to communicate efficiently at the moment up to some hours later meant that the paper writing service did not seriously take its communication apparatus. If you are asking, “how can I reach a service that will write my essay for me,” you might want to keep reading for relevant information.

All About Prices

Contrary to the figures indicated on the site with regards to prices and charges, the billing that we received for the paper we ordered was a bit higher. It did not reflect the prices shown on the website. We ordered an 8-paragraph essay on Air Pollution, two pages long, APA format, and different quotations came in, ranging from $55 to $80. That translates to slightly over $25 per page.

Writing a research paper on behalf of another person should not be that expensive. What’s more, the quality of the paper was shaky.

Writer and Product Quality

If you are asking, “how can I  hire someone to help me write my essay,” then you might want to keep on reading. The paper we received was not short of its errors. There were errors all over the paper, ranging from spelling to grammar. Writing a paper requires some level of effort and concentration, and Apapers seem to not focus on this much, which explains the low quality of their papers.

Services That Apapers Offers

The writing services offered are mainly academic. They include essays, reviews, and coursework. Apapers targets mostly students since students remain the largest source of academic tasks that they handle, since these students do not fully know how to write a paper. Moreover, the service has a focus on academic essays, whose major consumers are students in institutions of higher learning. Not a significant number of students know how to write a research paper, and this gives Apapers operational latitude.

Discounts That Are Available

Writing paper for students is best done when there are discounts infused in the process. However, from our experience – which we did not get any discounts; showed that there was no opportunity to save money using Apapers writing service.

Total Rating

Students who know the process of writing a paper at times do not know how to do so effectively, and that is why they check out these services. From our experience with Apapers, we can deduce that the paper we received was of low quality and their services were generally poor and unacceptable.