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EssayShark is an online-based essay writing service that allows students to meet writers to undertake various academic writing tasks. “I want to hire the services of EssayShark to write my essay.” You might want to get familiar with more details about Essayshark before making that step. At face value, the site looks like an elaborate and reliable mechanism where students can access writers to help them with their essays, but in real terms, this is not the case. There are glaring differences with what is on the site and what can be delivered, and a basic analysis and request for services helped to back this case.

To establish some of these aspects, we had to hire an essay writer. If you are asking, “where can I get a proper writer to write my essay for me,” then you are reading insightful content on how to go about selecting writing services on the web. We ordered for a paper, and we connected to an essay writer on the site to get to the core of the true nature of the services at EssayShark.

EssayShark Review

Quality of Support

While the site indicates that there is 24/7 support, this is hardly the case. We carefully examined the customer support modus operandi, and we established that it is not 24/7 as mentioned in the site. Ordinarily, a live chat would make the process seamless.

However, this wasn’t the case as we resorted to the contact us channel. This prompted us to give away some of our details, putting the aspect of client confidentiality in question. Many students ask, “which service can help me write my paper?” If you are in this group, then you might want to consider aspects of confidentiality before considering EssayShark services.

All About Prices

While an array of services have definitive prices per page that depend on the pages when writers want to write a paper, study levels and time-frames, EssayShark’s pricing calculus is a bit different. The prices vary hugely, and these variations highly contrast the norms in the field, and this again brings the question of the reliability of EssayShark writing services.

Writing paper requires some level of skill and competence, which must match the reward, but this is not the case with EssayShark.

Writer and Product Quality

EssayShark paper writing service churns out a quality that displays a considerable degree of deviation from the credentials of the writers on their site. The degree of professionalism is sub-par, and this feeds into the nature of the overall work.

Any service prides itself in the quality of its writers, writing paper procedures, and quality of the work, but this is not the case for EssayShark. From the paper we ordered, we saw spelling mistakes, inconsistency in flow, and other mistakes that couldn’t feature were the task handled by a professional.

Services That EssayShark Offers

Primarily, EssayShark offers writing services in various academic areas. The order we placed showed that there were multiple sub-categories in academic writing, but not as comprehensive as you’d expect.

There is a considerable variation in the offerings compared to other services, and this underscores the unreliability of EssayShark’s services. Writing a research paper is not an easy task since it requires some experience in writing in other academic areas. Some of these areas aren’t on the site, which casts a shadow on the competence of the writers at EssayShark.

Discounts That Are Available

Those who do not know how to write a paper expect to get help, and help at a discount when working with writing services. However, there is no mention of discounts or offers on the site, and this will depend on the client’s arrangements with the writers, which is not an optimal method of pricing discounts.

Total Rating

How to write a research paper is not that simple, and that is why students hire writing services. However, writing a paper on behalf of someone should also come with some considerations and assurances.

From the final product we received, we can establish that EssayShark is not reliable as a writing service. If you are asking, “where can I get a service that will help me write my essay,” it is important to consider this information before making a decision.