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GradeMiners helps students with their academic writing tasks, including essays, research papers, as well as theses. The numbers on the site are very convincing since they speak to the experience of the service in the academic writing field, but counter-checking them as well as looking at the site in detail helped to unearth important aspects about GradeMiners. “How can I get a service to help me write my essay?” If you are among students asking this, it is important you keep reading so that you gain relevant insight.

To get into the nook and cranny of GradeMiners, we placed an order to explore what essentially GradeMiners is all about. We received the paper we ordered from our essay writer, and breaking it down section by section helped to bring out important information about the service.

GradeMiners Review

Quality of Support

The support was not as efficient as it should be. For a paper writing service that has been in the writing business for ten years as the numbers on their site showed, their customer support was below par. The live chat feature was not handled by a real human being but rather by an automaton. This even complicated the whole communication process.

Write my essay for me” is mainly what we hear from most students, but surely these students would not like the idea of a service that assigns key roles like customer support to automatons and robots. This forced us to give away some details that would make us personally identifiable.

All About Prices

“I am looking for a writer who will write my paper well.” If you are among these folks, then you have all to gain from this write-up. Any person considering hiring a writing service is keen about pricing. However, GradeMiners does not have an elaborate pricing mechanism.

The essay writing service has thrown figures on its site, but when you order a paper on their service, the pricing is entirely different. Prices vary continuously, and these inconsistencies make it difficult to establish standard pricing if you were to consider accessing services another time.

Writing paper is not preserve of any other person out there, and the pricing inconsistencies make it difficult to rely on reviews of GradeMiners.

Writer and Product Quality

Writing a research paper requires tremendous effort from the initial research stage to the final editing and proofreading stage. In this regard, it is required of a service to have a professional battery of writers which will help to churn out quality work.

However, from the work we received, it was evident that the writers weren’t professionals. There were glaring grammatical errors, poor sentences – all of which weighed down the overall quality of the paper.

Basic editing wasn’t done, and this goes to show how the service isn’t mindful about its work. If you are still asking, “who will help me write my essay,” the content you are reading is relevant to you.

Services That GradeMiners Offers

The key area of concern here is academic papers of varying levels of study – which range from Undergraduate to Masters level. From basic research papers to dissertations, there is a host of services that fall under academic writing.

The service offers citation generation services, title generation, plagiarism checking, spell checking, and grammar checking services. How to write a research paper that is of top quality involves using a combination of these extra tools, but it is a question of if they are used when looking at GradeMiners.

Discounts That Are Available

Incentives like discounts entice students who might want to consider delegating writing paper to writers. However, GradeMiners does not clearly come out with information on discounts, since the numbers on the site indicate offers, but our experience revealed that numbers were just but a honeypot.

Writing a paper on behalf of someone involves offering incentives for that person to build trust, and the lack of a discount complicates this mechanism.

Total Rating

How to write a paper may seem difficult for other individuals, and that explains why they flock to writing services. However, writing a paper for another individual requires a lot of effort and concentration to come up with a great turnaround – aspects that are clearly missing at GradeMiners.