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Papernow is an online writing service that writes academic essays and papers on behalf of students. The service handles research papers and academic tasks, and its website gives the details on how it goes about these orders. Assessing the services of Papernow from looking at its site alone isn’t enough since you will end up with an incomplete analysis about the reliability of Papernow. “Write my essay,” is what we often hear from students seeking help with their papers now and again, and this piece will help to shed light on relevant related areas.

In a bid to come up with a concise write-up about Papernow, we had to order a paper on their site. We went through the necessary stages, and we got an essay writer who took up our task. We have also balanced our analysis of Papernow by reading reviews so that we gather all relevant information.

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Papernow Review

Quality of Support

Students asking, “who can write my essay for me,” often look for sites where they can get assistance, and in so doing, make relevant contact to learn more. We also used this approach to order our paper. While the site highlights that its Customer support is available on a 24/7 basis, our experience turned out to be different. Their live chat mechanism was ineffective and couldn’t ensure reliable communication.

At the time of the inquiry, the 24/7 support was equally unavailable. Like any other students, who flock to sites and ask, “who can write my paper,” we approached Papernow in a similar fashion, but the customer support component did not do us any good.

All About Prices

A significant majority of services offer standardized rates. These services charge per page, and this is the norm everywhere when it comes to writing a research paper or other academic tasks. However, while their website indicated billing is per page, the paper we ordered was billed in an entirely different way that did not match or near the prices stated on their website.

A basic order for a 3-page essay on The Role of Banks in the Economy cost us in the upwards of $70, which shows how expensive their services were.

If you are asking, “where can I get a writer to help me write my essay,” then you might want to be on the lookout for services with shady pricing mechanisms.

Writer and Product Quality

Writing paper that is top-notch needs a set of expert writers with good writing skills, which have been seen to be lacking in Papernow. Any paper writing service prides itself in professional and expert writers who can come up with quality content since it is the quality that sells.

The paper that we ordered had an array of mistakes. Some of these mistakes were structural and touched on the flow. Some were spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and the gross effect of these mistakes was low-quality work.

Services That Papernow Offers

Papernow offers academic writing services, and these range from essays to dissertations. The main area of concern is academic tasks, and in terms of study levels, these range from high school essays to Masters Thesis.

Papernow essay writing service does not extend in a major way to non-academic writing, and it, therefore, diverts more resources and expertise towards academic stuff. Writing paper for academic purposes requires a lot of effort, and the wide array of services Papernow indicates it can offer raises questions about its capabilities, given the quality of the paper we received.

Discounts That Are Available

While the website indicates that it offers discounts, this was not the case with our experience, as we did not receive any discounts. How to write a research paper should not be much of a task for fully-fledged service, so should their ability to offer a discount, but this was not the case in our experience.

Total Rating

Papernow misses out on some of the basic concepts on how to write a paper. The paper we received contained errors that raise questions on the basic foundations of Papernow as a writing service. Some basic concepts of writing a paper weren’t adhered to, and other aspects like pricing and discounts that weren’t clear even made the whole experience unlikable.